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STG is sleeping for now...

10/31/2005 08:00 PM - Ground Control: Event Horizon@ Jewel's Catch One
4067 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019,US - $10
Ground Control: Event Horizon

For one night only, the Zero-G Chamber
invades the Catch, upstairs!!

Live performances by:
Babyland (
Nightmare Of The Elf (
EMA3 (
with tactical sonic assaults by DJ L all night (

Downstairs, in the Command Center
Ground Control continues it's weekly
alternative karaoke space madness!

Awesome promotional Halloween treats
provided by Slave Labor Graphics!

Dinner available from 8pm
while supplies last, starting at $4

Doors open at 8pm, 18-over
Full bar w/21-over ID
(We MUST be able to identify you by your photo, so please choose your costume accordingly)
$10 Admission for this event
Pre-sale tickets available every Monday night at Ground Control until the event.

For more information, check out

Next STG show: Bar Sinister
Saturday August 13th
STG on at Midnight

New Idiot Stare remixes up

STG forums up:

STG is setting up their own website @



Re-mixers Needed! - Idiot Stare is looking for people to remix tracks from their upcoming album, "Welcome to Babylon".  The remixes will be part of a hidden web page that can be unlocked when the CD is in your computer. There is no deadline, as we can continue to add mixes until we're blue in the face. Interested parties please contact us @


Next STG show: March 26th @ Zen Sushi
2609 Hyperion Ave. Silverlake, CA. 90027
18+ $10

Lineup for this show:
Shane, Bruce, Brandon, Chad, shAmii...and the return of The Fin


STG's first show in 10 years was OFF THE FREAKIN HOOK. Thanks to all who came out and made it a great night/sorry to those that got stuck in the line and missed the show. We'll be back! Check the pix on DrunkRockers.

STG Reunion October 22nd Release the Bats Long Beach


STG is back in the studio preparing for the reunion show this October. Catch our MySpace site or entries on Live Journal for all the gorey details.

Idiot Stare continues production on their next album. Dan Levey and David Ivy have been helping produce the tracks.


Idiot Stare and STG launch MySpace pages. Visit us and be our friends, read our Blogs and post nice comments.


Due to the death of, CD-R releases are back in the catalog. We've also added some old albums and free song downloads.


CD-R releases dropped from catalog. Due to the large amount of time it takes to create CD-R discs, and due to the high failure rate of blank CD-R media, we have been forced to remove the CD-R releases from our catalog.


Idiot Stare enters the studio. Work begins on the next album. Keep looking back for more Los Angeles area shows.


Idiot Stare and 16 Volt LIVE at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood! We need all of our great supporters to come to this show. Don't miss this double billing of two old skool coldwave bands and industry showcase performance for 16 Volt. This is a presale show, so if you know you're going to go PLEASE BUY TIX FROM US NOW. THANKS!!!

Tuesday, August 12th 8:00pm
The Knitting Factory
702 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood (323) 463-0204

Idiot Stare - 8:20 pm
16 Volt - 9 pm
Click here for tix

Idiot Stare rocks DEFCON 11! Pictures at their home page.

Idiot Stare "Ghost" is in and now shipping! This remix CD contains a "who's who" of the electronic scene:

Idiot Stare / Christ Analogue / prophei / Penal Colony
Doll Factory / SMP / Compufonic / Jugend Staat
Inertia / A Different Kind of Cop / REwire
Acidfanatic / Universal Magnetic

Use the catalog link to the left to order your copy now!

Click here to order Ghost!


Idiot Stare's show at Club Xanth was awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show!

The next show will be at the Coconut Teaszer July 21st. A discount flyer is posted on the idiot stare website. is now online. Please go there for all the latest info on the band.


Finally some news!

Idiot Stare will be marking their comeback to the live arena with a show at Club Xanth in San Diego on June 15th. The band is also preparing the launch of it's own website Details about the new lineup as well as audio samples from the band's new songs will be hosted there soon.