STG Logocrusty old photo of STG Screaming To God, 1993
1989-STG is formed as a side project by Peter Prins and Chad Bishop. A 3 song demo is recorded under the influence of beer and fast food, and copies are given to friends. The band's name is taken from the chorus of their very first song - Screaming To God.

1990-Bruce King and Eric Lilly join. Two more demos are completed and STG starts playing live. By the end of the year small fanzines are starting to give favorable reviews, and songs are being included on local compilation albums.

1991-Peter does his last demo with STG, Vermin, and the search for a new singer is on. By mid-year STG and new singer Mark Rebman finish Sacrifice , with the help of bass player Jeff Tatman. However, by the end of the year, Mark, Jeff, and Eric are gone and STG barely sneak out another demo, Requiem, with yet another singer, Shane Talada.

1992-STG (now a trio) records its best and last demo, Climate Of Violence. A series of brutal live shows dominate the year. Various musicians guest at the shows, adding to the mayhem. At varying times, Ryan Skalla, David Skott, James Leighton, and Chad Volpe seem to become permanent fixtures.

1993-STG whittles itself down to a five piece. Rotten and Cleopatra records both offer deals, with Rotten eventually getting the ink. Shane, Bruce, David, Chad "The Fin" Volpe, and Chad Bishop head into the studio to record No Longer Human. Spike Cassidy from D.R.I. helps produce. Just before the record is released, things get stupid and Chad Volpe leaves. A video for Razor Raped Pain is made. The remaining 4 members round out the year touring with Spahn Ranch and Clay People.

1994-Things get slow in STG land. The band comes under incredible pressure from Rotten to continue touring but can't commit. Live shows become virtually nonexistent, and the band unsuccessfully struggles to complete a new demo. Eventually, the band splits to form new projects, Idiot Stare and Element. The last STG song Mad Drunk is release on the Scavengers in the Matrix compilation by Chase.

Demo tapes:

  1. Ideas and Technique: 3 songs 1989
  2. Malice In Wonderland: 7 songs 1990
  3. Diet For A Poisoned Planet: 6 songs 1990
  4. Vermin: 11 songs 1990
  5. Sacrifice: 7 songs 1991
  6. Requiem: 3 songs 1991
  7. Climate Of Violence: 10 songs 1992

Compilations: (available from the individual labels)

  1. Torture Tech Overdrive (If It Moves.../Cargo) 1991
  2. Mechanics Of Deconstruction (Technical Chaos) 1992
  3. Suckle (Ponder Records) 1993
  4. Absolute Control Compilation (Cri Du Chat Disques) 1993
  5. Rivet Heat Culture (If It Moves.../Cargo) 1993
  6. Nevermind The Mainstream (Intercord Record Service) 1993
  7. Scavengers In The Matrix (If It Moves.../Cargo) 1994
  8. Body Rapture 4 (Zoth Ommog) 1994

International Releases: (available from Rotten Records, P.O. Box 2157 Montclair, Ca 91763)

No Longer Human 10 songs 1993